Four Meditations for Mezzo Soprano, Violin and Piano. (1998) dur. 15 mins. (3) CDL
Setting of words taken from Thomas a Kempis The Imitation of Christ (The Ecclesiastical Music), selected variously and set devotionally.The music views the communion from four different perspectives; Reverence, Revelation, Resolution and Rest.
Performed by Bibi Heal Sop..Helena Ruinard Violin and Anna Tilbrook Piano, St. Olave's Church, London, 2002.
Performed at St. Mary's Parish Church Woodbridge 28/5/10 by Lesley-Jane Rogers soprano, Fenella Humphreys violin & John Stafford piano.

In Memoriam SATB Chorus, Strings, Brass and Timps. (2001) dur. 10 mins. (3/4)
Setting of words from the Requiem Mass. (see also a reduced unaccompanied version below)

A Song of Hope (An Advent Meditation) Chorus, Solo Soprano & Orchestra. (2007) dur. 18 mins. (3/4) CDE
Four movements entitled:

  1. A Song of Invocation (Milton)
  2. A Song of Expectation (Rossetti & Wright)
  3. A Song of the Eternal Star (Appleton)
  4. A Song of Joy (Watts)

A Vision of Heaven for Soprano and Piano. (2005) dur. 20 mins. (3)
A cycle of three songs with words by Robert Herrick, Thomas Hardy & Wright.


We give immortal praise. SATB organ. (2003) dur. 5 mins. (3)
Setting of words by Isaac Watts.

Song Of Praise. SATB and Piano or Organ. (1999) dur. 4 mins. (3)
Psalm 146 selected.

Rejoice in the Lord Alway. SATB organ. (2004) dur. 6 mins. (3)
Philippians 4:4-7.

Three Communion Motets for Upper Voices and Organ. (2002) dur. 4-5 mins. (1) pub. Animus.

  1. Be known to us in breaking bread.
  2. Bread of heaven.
  3. Thy perfect peace.

Hymn of Salvation. SATB unaccompanied. (1999) dur. 4 mins. (3)
Setting from St. John's Gospel and the composer.

The Bread of life. SATB unaccompanied. (2004) dur. 3 mins. (3)
Setting from St. John's Gospel and ! Corinthians.

Five Short Motets. SATB unaccompanied. (1996) dur. 5 mins. (2) pub. Animus.

  1. Bless the Lord.
  2. Hosanna to the Son of David.
  3. Prayer for peace.
  4. I lift up mine eyes.
  5. Strength and dignity.

In Memoriam. SATB unaccompanied. dur. 4 mins. (3/4)
As above.

A Penitential Prayer. SATB unaccompanied. (2005) dur. 2 mins. (2)

Missa Brevis. SATB unaccompanied. (2009) dur. 12 mins. (3)
Choral writing heavily influenced by pre-16th century choral style. Large parts of the work are in two parts-ST & AB.


The Eternal Star. SATB unaccompanied. (1998) dur. 3 mins. (3) pub. Animus.
Advent. Words by George Appleton.

The Crown of Roses. SATB unaccompanied. (1976) dur. 3 mins. (3)
Christmas and Easter. Words Trad. Russian.

A Little Child. SATB unaccompanied. (1974) dur. 3 mins. (1/2)
Christmas. Words Flemish.

Qui natus est de Virgine. SATB unaccompanied. (1996) dur. 3 mins. (2)
Christmas. Words old English.

Two Children's Carols.

  1. Alleluia Carol. unison. (1977) dur. 2 mins. (1)
  2. Sing Noel. various voice options + melodic and percussion instruments. (1987) dur. 3 mins. (1)

Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis SATB and Organ. (1997) dur. 6 mins. (4)