Solo Instrumental

Capriccio for Bb Clarinet & Piano. (1990) dur. 8 mins. (4) pub. EMU. CDL
Andrew Cory Clarinet, The Composer Piano, Woodbridge Methodist Church, 1991.
John Catchpole Clarinet, The Composer Piano, Wangford Church, Suffolk, 1990.

Prime Time for Oboe and Piano. (1995) dur. 5 mins. (4)
An experimental piece based on prime numbers for the structure.

Romanza for Violin and Piano. (1990) dur. 20 mins. (4) CDL
Composed for and performed by Ruth Wright nee Dickins Violin and Margery Baker Piano, BMIC 1990.
Ruth Wright Violin and Margery Baker Piano, Woodbridge Methodist Church, Suffolk. 1991.
Beth Spendlove Violin and Nigel Clayton Piano, Saxmundham Middle School, Suffolk. 1998.

Reflexion for Violin and Piano. (1997) dur. 3 mins. (3)
Performed by Ruth Wright Violin and the Composer Piano, Gisleham Church, Suffolk, 1997.

Woodbridge Pieces for Manuals only Organ. (2002) dur. 5 mins. (1) pub. Animus.
Five short pieces suitable for liturgical use.

Fantasy Extempore for Romantic Organ. (2004) dur. 10 mins. (4) CDL
Composed for the 87th birthday concert of Richard Arnell. A dramatic work based on the plainsong 'Veni creator spiritus' and is about God's revelation to His people through visions and dreams. (Apparition, Dream & Nightmare)
Performed by Paul Ayres, St Cyprians Church, London, 2004.

Jeroboam for Trumpet and Organ. (2003) dur. 5 mins. (4) CDL
Commissioned by the residents of Theberton Village Suffolk to celebrate their churches new organ. A lively 'bubbly' work depicting both the biblical character and a bottle of champagne!
Performed by Michael Bates Trumpet and John LeGrove Organ, Theberton Church, Suffolk, 2003.

Four East Coast Sketches for Lever Harp. (2003) dur. 15 mins. (4) CD MINUS CDE
(Version for Pedal Harp) (2006)
Four characteristic pieces painting aspects of the East Anglian coastline. Composed for Danielle Perrett.
Performed by Danielle Perrett, Theberton Church, Suffolk, 2006. & Notra Dame American University Lond. 25/10/06

'Abendmusiken' for Trombone and Piano. (2005) dur. 6 mins. (3/4) CDE
Written especially for Torben Beckmann.

Alpha to Omega for Guitar. (2005) dur. 8-9 mins. (5) CDE
This explores the different sonorities of the instrument from the opening 'open strings' to the final glissandi.
Performed by Raymond Burley, Guernsey, 31/10/06

Lyric Movement for Flute and Harp. (2005) dur. 6 mins. (3) CD & MINUS CDE
A work in lighter vain between two 'florid' instruments.

Soliloquy (Darkness to Light) for Alto Flute Solo. (2006) dur. 4-5 mins. (4) CD & MINUS CDE
Exploring the varied sonorities of the instrument, the music blends through the use of different colours and rhythms, these two contrasting ideas.

Spring's Garden for Viola & Piano. (2006) dur. 3 mins. 40 secs. (2/3)
This descriptive piece conjures up an image of garden life in Spring. The sudden changes of mood and colour convey an unpredictable weather, and in the scampering viola passages the antics of birds!

Sonata for Treble recorder & Piano. (2007) dur. 14 mins. (4)
A unified three movement work which continues to develop the first movement material in the second and third movements.
Dedicated to John Turner.
Published Peacock Press & first performance at St. Mary's Parish Church Woodbridge 28/5/10. John Turner treble recorder & John Stafford piano.

Divertimento for Treble Recorder and Piano. (2009)
(adapted from the String Quartet version)
see under Chamber.
pub. Peacock Press