Orchestral / Strings

Manoeuvres for Full Orchestra. (2002) dur.17 mins. (3) CDL
The music is about intrigue and deception. A quotation by the Earl of Chesterfield 1694-1773, heads the score: "Cunning is the dark sanctuary of incapacity."
Commissioned and performed by the Wolsey Orchestra Ipswich cond. Martin Pring, at the Corn Exchange, Ipswich, 2002.

The Lost City for Full Symphony Orchestra. (1996) dur. 30 mins. (5) CDE
Inspired by the lost medieval city of Dunwich (Suffolk), this three movement work explores the idea of conflict, contrast and opposites which are the waring elements between land and sea and is also used as metaphor for the human condition.

Excursion for Chamber Orchestra. (1998) dur. 8.5 mins (3) CDL
The music makes a short journey around the orchestra exploring tone colour, rhythm etc.and likens it to the way a traveller might view different images and landscapes on an excursion.
Commissioned and performed by the Wymondham Youth Orchestra cond. Margery Baker, Wymondham Abbey Norfolk 1998.
Waveney Orchestra Lowestoft, cond. Adrian Brown, Trinity Methodist Church, Lowestoft, 2002.

Idyll for Small Orchestra (single wind) (2000) dur. 12 mins. (3) CD pub. Composers Library
A shameless piece of old fashioned 'Englishness', understated, reserved,and pastoral.
Composed for and performed by The Gallery Ensemble and John Gill, cond. the composer, Kelsale Church, Suffolk, 2000.
The Churchgate Sinfonia, cond. Geoffrey Barker, The Atheneaum, Bury St. Edmunds, 2002.
Recorded by The Manchester Chamber Orchestra cond. the composer. 2009.

Threnody for Full Orchestra. (2002) dur. 11 mins. (3) pub. Composers Library. + CD
The work's sub-title, "I summon up remembrance of things past." (Shakespeare) describes the music as a kind of reverie, always looking back through the passage of time. Threnody is about regret and mourning the lament of passing time-something irretrievable, gone forever.
Recorded by the Royal Ballet Sinfonia cond. Gavin Sutherland. 2007.

Shingle Street (metamorphosis) for Strings. (2002) dur. 10 mins. (3) CDL pub. Composers Library
Shingle Street is a small remote almost desolate hamlet on the Suffolk coast, where its constantly shifting shingle banks provide a different landscape year on year. Stories and myth concerning attempted invasion attempts during the second world war, add to the places mystery.Includes an 'off stage' string quartet.
The Churchgate Sinfonia, cond. the composer The Old Meeting House, Bury St. Edmunds, 2004.

Capriccio Burlesque for Strings. (2003) dur. 5 mins. (3) CD pub. Composers Library.
This work was a finalist in the Oare String Orchestra International Composers Competition 2004. It is a short lively piece inspired by the Commedia dell'Arte.
Performed twice by the Oare String Orchestra cond. Peter Aviss, The Alexander Centre Faversham, Kent. 2004.
Recorded by the Royal Ballet Sinfonia cond. Barry Wordsworth. 2007.

A Little light Music-Suite for Strings. (2006) dur. 15 mins. (3/4) CD
This four movement work parodies the title of Mozart's Eine Kleine Nachtmusik because of the opening motif and the general lightness of style. However, here the similarity ends! The four movements are: Prelude-Sarabande-lntermezzo-Frolic.
Performed by the Peak District Youth String Orchestra, conducted by Ian Naylor, Buxton, 2007.
Recorded by the Royal Ballet Sinfonia cond. Barry Wordsworh. 2007.

Searching for Cor Anglais and Strings. (2006) dur. 12 mins. (3/4) CD
A slow and sustained work which meanders between two basic ideas. The Cor Anglais part is florid in places. The score inscription reads:- "A man travels the world in search of what he needs and returns home to find it." George Moore 1852-1933.
Recorded by the Royal Ballet Sinfonia cond. Gavin Sutherland. 2007.

A Spring Overture. (2007) dur. 4min. 30 secs.(4) CD
A very fast and rhythmic piece, colourfully orchestrated.
Recorded by the Royal Ballet Sinfonia cond. Gavin Sutherland. 2007.

Momentum for Full Orchestra. (2008) dur. 7 mins. (3) CDE
This short work displays many colourful orchestral sounds that are encapsulated in the development of a single theme. A very rhythmical piece, Momentum progressively gathers speed using different textures ending in a triumphal orchestral display.

Divertimento for Treble Recorder & String Orchestra (2008)
(adapted and extended from the Quartet version)

see under Chamber.
Recorded by John Turner Recorder, and the Manchester Chamber Orchestra, cond. the composer. 2009.

Concerto for Oboe & String Orchestra. (2009) dur. 21 mins. CD
Recorded by The Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Martin Yates, solo oboe, Jonatham Small.

Concerto for Violin and Orchestra. (2010) dur. 34 mins. CD
(And then there was silence...) Composed in memory of Ruth (composer's wife). Three movements; 1. Beauty 2. Joy 3. Fading away.
(The third movement uses a tenor setting of Christina Rossetti's poem Echo.)
Three movements. Recorded by the Royal Scottish National Orchestra conductor Martin Yates, soloist Fenella Humphreys.

Concerto for Horn & Orchestra. (2011) dur. 19 mins. CDE
(After the silence...) This work has no program, is in three movements the final one being heavily influenced by jazz.
This work is dedicated to friend and fellow composer Elis Pehkonen.

Concerto for Violoncello & Orchestra. (2011) dur. 20 mins. CDE
Composed especially for Raphael Wallfisch this single movement work was composed in response to the summer riots of 2011 in England and comprises the two elements Battle and Lament which fuse throughout the piece. The score is prefaced with a quotation by Martin Luther King which reads: "A riot is at bottom the language of the unheard.".